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JUKOCUTE is a ladies' luxury label for designer handbags and accessories 100% handmade of highest quality leather in Italy and Estonia.

Brand name "JUKOCUTE" was named after the founder and creative director of the brand, Julia Korovina, and the conjugated "Cute".

Beauty, charm and dedication to the highest quality are the keywords that lay in the heart of JUKOCUTE's brand meaning.

JUKOCUTE handbag' designs change from season to season, allowing the customer to be part of the adventurous journey taken by the creative director in search of new inspirations, taken from fashion trends, travel, art, folks cultures etc.

All handbags in the collections are 100% handmade from superior quality materials such as vitello, nappa, capretto and other leathers, handmade fabrics, fur, details from metal etc. Each piece is created with highest accuracy and attention to detail.

Since 2011 JUKOCUTE launches two main handbag collections yearly.



Sincerely yours ,

Julia Korovina

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