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Julia Korovina is the creative director behind Jukocute ladies' luxury label for designer handbags.

Why have You chosen leather accessories business, and not fashion garments or a shoe enterprise?

Leather accessories and handbags, in particular, are not just a job for me, but really a passion ... It took time to become aware of this fact, but it has always thrived in my subconsciousness.  


At some point I felt a calling, that something has to be changed drastically, so that I could make a fresh start for a new life and make my dream come true. That is when I decided to proceed my studies in Italy, a land of origin for divine fashion accessories. I entered European Institute of Design (IED) in Rome. Within a year I become aware that design and production of handbags is really "My thing". That is when I created JUKOCUTE brand for ladies' designer handbags and leather accessories.



Where do You get your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from life surrounding me - any aspiring elements, people, my personal wishes and dreams. I dig for inspiration also from other creatives' artwork, movies and music. All in all, inspiration is a long process and work that takes place within me. The biggest inspiration comes to me from via Condotti shopping street with its luxury fashion outlets and handbags on sale. This is the place to get aspired and benchmark your own work. This all creates a feeling in me, that I am in right place at a right time!


What is an "ideal handbag" in Your vision?

An "ideal handbag" is a handbag that you currently love the most, a handbag, which creates the right mood for you and matches your current favorite pieces of wardrobe. In my opinion, contemporary fashion is all about giving leading role to fashion accessory(\(\(ies). Leaving your clothes to become just modest companions of a charismatic accessory.

Here You can view Julia's first handbag sketches and take a look at the very first Jukocute's handbag.


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